Oscar winner Ruth E. Carter has launched her first-ever fashion line with fast-fashion purveyors H&M. Called “Ruthless,” the 11-piece line has a focus on liberation flag colors and “being independent and strong, knowing about the authenticity of your culture.” The line debuts right before Valentine’s Day 2020 on February 13th.

The logo-driven collection of tops, two hoodies, shorts, joggers, and a bucket hat has a 90’s vibe, in a Carter-driven homage to Do The Right Thing, her seminal 1989 film with long-time collaborator Spike Lee. She called the line “Ruthless” because it’s also her nickname on set.

“People think that I got into costume design because of fashion, but it was really the vivid stories that I was reading by poets and playwrights that made me want to get into storytelling through costume design,” Carter told The Hollywood Reporter. “Fashion was not on my radar. I was, rather, introduced to fashion through costume design. I started to understand how to use color and fashion and direct it to character.“

Carter, whose work spans over 35 years, was nominated for the costume design Oscar for her work on Spike Lee’s Malcom X (1992) and Stephen Spielberg’s Amistad (1997), finally winning for Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther (2018). She has recently wrapped costuming for Craig Brewer’s Coming 2 America, due out in December 2020.