After speaking with many personal brands who have invested in social media marketing, we have noticed one common problem. Every one of them has hired social media agencies and/or consultants who have failed to produce noticeable results. MeauxGul, LLC. understands the financial woes of running a successful brand. We also know anytime an individual invests in help, they expect results. That is why we have made it a priority to provide full transparency and promise our clients 100% Results on Investment or Money Back Guaranteed. Therefore, we must achieve 100% of the goals we promise or provide your brand with a refund or credit of the difference.

THAT’S RIGHT! If we only reach 90% of your goals, you will receive a 10% refund or credit the following month or quarter depending on contract terms. The choice is entirely up to you. By the way, if and when we reach 150% of your goal(s), your monthly cost does not increase. It is our goal to exceed your expectations.

I know this may sound too good to be true, so I would like to give you more details on our process. Let’s be honest – our social media marketing agency promising brands 100% results is a huge risk. There are so many factors that can affect the overall performance of each campaign – including marketing strategy, product/service being offered, quality, content deliverables, customer service after each sell, etc. However, we are willing to take this risk. We are not psychics, nor have we ever practiced buying fake data, ever. The reason we offer this guarantee is actually more important than the ‘how’ (which is listed below).


1. We only work with brands we believe have great potential.
2. We want our clients to hold us accountable at all cost, literally.
3. We firmly believe any personal brand investing in social media services should receive visible results.
4. We are confident in our skills and expertise.

Since we are offering 100% Results on Investment or Money Back Guaranteed, it is important that we are honest with each brand. If we do not believe we can provide you with positive results for any reason, we do not waste your time or ours.

How Does It Work?

For personal brands just getting started we do offer beginner ‘Personal Brand Marketing’ packages, which range between $199 to $499 monthly – mainly focused on audience growth and engagement.  However, for larger brands we tailor packages to fit your needs, which can range anywhere from $500 to $2500 monthly. Some of the factors that could affect your cost includes the marketing objectives/number of goals of your brand, the number of services requested, the number of digital platforms utilized, advertising, content development, and amount of content released monthly. Before we begin each project, your company goals are created so there’s a clear understanding of what your business can expect to receive – based on your objectives. Once your company signs off on the goals listed, it is our responsibility and commitment to exceed those goals and your expectations. Each month, your brand will receive monthly analytics along with our in-house Return On Investment (ROI) Analysis report (click here to preview), so you’re able to keep track of your investment and assure you are receiving a positive return.

Our company was established in 2015 and to date, we have been widely successful with this business model – retaining over 50% of our clients for more than three years.

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