Kayla Brianna is a multi-hyphenate threat whose latest target in her career is conquering the world of R&B, which she’s already begun to do with ease. As an accomplished actress, Kayla Brianna is a regular on the TBS show “Meet the Smiths,” alongside her family and father – Kenny “The Jet” Smith, retired NBA star and current TNT sports analyst. Kayla Briana recently signed to Kenny Smith Entertainment after being signed previously with Cash Money Records.


Kayla Brianna’s foray into the independent world of the music industry needed the best partners possible to fuel her artistry into recognition, thereby paving the way for urban/pop radio promotion. Being a virtual unknown to the world, Kenny Smith Entertainment wanted to build brand awareness, social media audience, user engagement, video views and audio streams before heading to radio and servicing with Kayla’s debut single “Do You Remember”.


The MeauxGul Agency developed a social media campaign driven by the hashtag #DoYouRemember that featured active engagement and interaction between Kayla Brianna’s fans, other major influencers and even Kayla Brianna herself through the following means:

Direct engagement of fans through interaction with actively posting content around a nostalgic theme of her “childhood memories” (hence – Do You Remember?) which included television shows, dances, music videos, movies, etc., on her social media platforms. This campaign ignited conversation between Kayla Brianna and her fans as they “reminisced” together on social media about their shared memories and experiences. At the end of each video, Kayla Brianna shared a call to action driving fans to her new music video for “Do You Remember.” Another key component of user engagement was through a strategic Direct Message campaign via social media in which Kayla initiated sporadically personalized conversations with her audience.

Video engagement throughout the campaign was achieved by sharing BTS footage from Kayla Brianna’s promo tour and music video shoot – sharing sneak peek snippets of the music video, and encouraging influencers such as Shaq, MC Lyte, Marlon Wayans and DJ Clue to share the full music video as well.

Brand reputation management is another service The MeauxGul Agency offered – closely monitoring keywords relating to Kayla Brianna’s single and overall brand.


The music video for “Do You Remember” reached 1.4 million views on VEVO and 1.5 million audio streams on Soundcloud,  reached #20 on Urban Radio.

The #DoYouRemember Social Media Campaign reached 5.5 million+ organic video views on Facebook.

The total social media audience of Kayla Briana expanded by 122%, to 87K from 39.1K.





Entertainment, Recording Artist


APRIL 2016


Social Media Marketing, Influencer Outreach, Brand Reputation Management